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17-May-2009 Running Again

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This week was a tough one at work and I did very little running. However I went running this morning (after I walked the dog). I wanted to do a bush run to test out the ankle and decided to run the “Mount Bass” track (never seen a mountain there though). I also wanted to run the track after it crosses Winifred Falls as I couldn’t find it before. Turns out it was easy to find (cut straight over the creek – not deep so didn’t really get wet). My ankle was fine. Shame it took 90mins to go 9.35km. But I was taking it easy and not rushing.

Then I went for a swim in the sea. It felt cold, but when I got out it seemed warmer in the water so went back in. It was very sunny and quite beautiful.

I mentioned work, I feel its like a prison sometimes, especially now I share a pod with my manager. But its not really like a prison (there’s no free food for starters …). Here’s a photo I took from the office, by the lifts. Yep – there’s a lot worse out there.

Tomorrow is the smh half marathon. I think its the 13th year (maybe). I ran the first 6 or 7 of the events but I just can’t be bothered now – going to the city , spending all day out, paying a motza to run a crap time on city streets with 10,000 others (what ?!).

Serena – your note about year12 english books. I gave up english in year 10 (or the uk equivalent). We read “our man in havana” by graham greene. I didn’t like it then but read it a few years later and really enjoyed it. in fact I bought a whole bunch of his books and really like them. In general I found school to be quite positive & uplifting.

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