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14-May-2009 Moving On

Thursday 14 May 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

This year I dropped my subscription to runners World mag (the Australian version). I was also going to drop my AURA subscription also as I am just not into it and $80 is a lot for 4 magazines per annum. However I saw they had a $30 mag subscription so they got saved at the last minute. I have also decided to not go to the striders awards night, the one with deek as the guest speaker. I love Striders and I love Deek but I feel I just need to move on. Its like when you go shopping you should only buy an item if you throw one out – you can’t just keep taking stuff on. I feel I just need to cut some stuff out and move on.

However I have taken out a subscription to Dumbo Feather as they do an email only subscription for $30 – they email you a pdf of the mag. interesting that each page has your email address on it, so if you forward or post to a webpage they can see who did it.

I am also putting a little bit more effort (just a little mind you) into the recycled runners program – drop offs now possible at a shop in Mosman and Sutherland. Softly Softly, however we have well and truly got well more than 1000 pairs donated now.

I am also working with mister g on the book on the history of the Six Foot Track Marathon, so still keeping busy, possibly still too busy.

On the CoolRunning front – we are travelling ok, haven’t gone bust yet. We got some new gear delivered this week, I dropped off at Ellie’s. We will be looking at an alternate (new) design for caps and visors as we have had some production issues with current ones.

We also had an operation brainstorm last night – I am ok with publicising what about:

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