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1-May-2009 This Is The Sea

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So I couldn’t run last weekend, and the decks were reasonably clear of Six foot stuff and the missus was at work so I had a few hours spare to myself and fancied a kayak to Jibbon Bombora. Normally we are content to stay kayaking within Port Hacking but i have had the sniff of the open sea, and the Bombora is just out the heads and round the corner.

I paddled off in budgie smugglers and a rash shirt and cap. The water was a bit nippy. Half way there i could see these huge waves crashing against the rocks.

Anyway I continued, steering well clear of the waves and rocks such that I was halfway between Jibbon and Cronulla. I went out the heads the waves got really big. The first time a wave came over the kayak and got me wet I was a bit nervy as that hadn’t happened before in Port Hacking. By about 2mins later it was every wave coming over the top and I was like Kayaking a white water course. I decided that the Bombora was a bit far away and would head back in. Wow – THAT WAS THE RIVER AND THIS IS THE SEA!!!! I know exactly what the waterboys were going on about now, and that’s all I could think about.

Of course turning back to go in was harder than coming out. I really had that feeling of “oh my god, I could die out here”. (in fact someone did, but luckily not me). I eventually made it back in one piece and even managed a swim, however I was really cold and went home and got in a hot shower. There was no blood in my hands or feet and it felt like I was walking on high heels. I’d also hurt my wrist and finger. gripping stuff. I then spent the rest of the day under a blanket on the sofa totally cactus.

Actually went to a doc this week and I have raised glands due to (likely) some of many leech bites from last week being a bit infected.

I guess the worst thing is that I now have unfinished business at Jibbon Bombora. There is no way Dawn will go out there, so I should get it over and done with quickly.

I finally finished the R4YL magazine article on six foot, and I guess to reward myself I finally cracked how to upload my old outlook pst files into gmail, via thunderbird and a imap account on the coolrunning server. I still have 30,000 emails to upload to the following accounts: kevintiller, sixfoot, coolrunning and Loco. keep me busy I guess…. I loaded about 500 emails as a test. o wonderful.

listening – I downloaded a bunch of reggae (not listened to yet) and did listen to The Word Magazine’s cover cd

readingwise I finished the great gatsby. I was impressed when I saw it released as a popular penguin as I had wanted to read it for a long time. However I was totally unimpressed and it was a waste of $9.99.

This post was originally on my coolrunning blog and I had some comments:

Fire Horse – Well, I’m bummed about the injury for you (prev post), and that The Great Gatsby was disappointing. I started, but didn’t finish it – Ooh, that could be a new term for reading, DNF. The kayaking adventure is fab. My tip would be to practise riding in the surf – how long is the boat? You’ll be better able to work the waves. This is all armchair advice, you understand, as I haven’t been in whitewater since high school – too many kids hanging off me since then. Good luck, keep posting. And maybe get a life vest? Just a thought… 😀

rachinaus – Always loved the Great Gatsby…sorry you found it a disappointment. Currently reading ‘A Fraction of The Whole’ debut novel by Australian Steve Toltz…in the running for a few literary prizes this year (but don’t hold that against it) It’s a great read (and not anything like the Great Gatsby).

Re the kayaking – you certainly know how to live your live Kev

plu – You have put on hold my midlife crisis for a twin cab ute and sea kayak.

serena – Kev I can’t remember how much I enjoyed reading The Great Gatsby – I just keep thinking of Mia Farrow and how ethereal she was in the movie. Have you read Vernon God Little by [aussie] DBC Pierre? I don’t know what made me think of that one but I loved it. It was his first novel and won the Man Booker a few years ago.

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