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17-Apr-2009 Back to the start

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There is an ad on tv at the moment “I’m a do-er not a gunna”. I think it’s for Bergen Bread (!). Its like my attitude to CoolRunning these days – I am sooooo over all the talk and questions and this and that. Just bloody get on and try it out. Be a doer not a talker!

Running – done some great runs.

The last few days I have been fixing up some trails. been getting down and dirty. leeches everyday – arms, legs, shoes. This morning I was out for nearly 2 hours from 6.15-8am. Best part of the day for sure.

The previous weekend I ran lady carrington, 20.4km. I left an hour before it got dark and ran hard to the end, then on the return it got dark and I was still hammering along in the dark. There was moonlight coming thru the tress – really quite surreal. I finished and felt like I did in the old days – tired but a really nice tired. just had tap water with a squirt of lime juice at the finish.

On Good Friday I ran with Tim, Plu and Bethany. It was a good hit out and got me out for 2h 20m. I didn’t take a drink as trying to go hardcore, how I used to do it in the old days – queue the coldplay lyrics “going back to the staaaaarrrrt“. I am not really a cold play fan but I do like that bit and it suits my current mood. jettison everything and strip it right back to the basics. We had refreshments on the back deck afterwards.

The next day I was pretty sore and ran from bundeena trig to big marley – again going just before it got dark, so finished in the dark That was only 12km but oh boy I love that track. 6km downhill and 6km uphill.

The NEXT day (Sunday) I did the same run, this time leaving a bit more day light. Saw some deer on big Marley beach.

In other things, I have been feeling like a naughty school boy in delaying getting the six foot results package off to AURA for publishing as part of the magazine. Actually it wasn’t just AURA, I had a mental block about even looking at six foot emails for a week or so.

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