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13-Apr-2009 A new start

Monday 13 April 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well, it’s been some time since I last posted.

Stop apologising for the things you’ve never done,

Cos time is short and life is cruel

But its up to us to change

Link to the video

I am not good at posting to blogs when I feel stressed and my running generally does a nose-dive also.
I am guessing the stress was six foot -induced and that’s over with for another year (no doubt I will post about that at some stage).

Actually my running went well over Xmas and Jan as per most years but then dropped off in Feb and March and picked up again in April (fairly obviously as Six foot is in March).

I would like to start posting more as it helps ME sort out the ideas buzzing around in my head to something that means something to ME.

Coolrunning is going great – I do less and less. Got some great people helping the site along. Although I should work out a formal way to handover to the one person that will run it. I am getting a buzz back into my running again and I like it.

Been reading heaps as always. The most memorable was Jude the obscure by Thomas Hardy. Probably one of the saddest things I have ever read, but familiar (criss-crossed Wessex many times) and also me and my missus often choose the most tortuous options also. I also read a lot of blogs and internet stuff.
Some of my current faves are:

Digital Nomads: http://www.digitalnomads.com
Free economy community: http://www.justfortheloveofit.org/blog.php
This is my heart it’s a good heart: http://finallyseeing.tumblr.com

Been listening to a lot of music also – some old, some new etc sometimes on my ipod, sometimes podcasts, some downloaded stuff. As usual it’s just an eclectic mix. Sometimes I will listen to youtubes, or random bands I have read about or other people’s mixtapes downloaded etc.

Maybe I’ll stop there, so I can keep some other things to say later.

As this was posted on my old blog I did get one comment from my friend moondust:

I spotted you yesterday walking very determinedly through Wynyard station on your way (I’m guessing) from the Martin Place building to the Kent St. Some of the stress probably coming from there also. Just control the things you can control and deal with the rest one thing at a time.
Thomas Hardy is way too depressing for me these days, although he writes female characters very well. There’s a really good BBC mini-series of Jude the Obscure, with Robert Powell playing Jude. May be out on DVD. Very intense – teenage girl stuff.

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