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19-Oct-2008 Kembla Joggers Brokers Nose Race

Sunday 19 October 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Oh my God – I did a race!
Kembla Joggers Mountain Running Series – Bulli to Brokers Nose and back (22km run – approx 20km offroad, 2km road).

I was mightily impressed with this run, not really run in the area before. In fact I really appreciated the whole setup – very agreeable, low key, cheap ($5), well marked course, great views, good bunch of people, no fuss, no bullshit.

To cap it off I had a great run – I know I am weak on the uphills so didn’t bust a boiler and figured I would push harder on the downhill. Worked like a dream and finished off with basically the last ounce left in the tank. I fancy going back to do some more training. Big ups and downs would suit anyone doing six foot training, or ws100 and longer stuff.

Good chats afterwards and then a swim in the sea. perfect.

(I figured that am well out of race-mode as I realised I didn’t bring a drink to take on the run – don’t bother when training even for 3-4hrs – seems liked most people carried bottles/camelbaks etc).

Thanks Stalky and Fats (timekeeper).

Phil Whitten 01:36:58
Paul Gillan 01:39:30
Paul Stein 01:41:00
Nikolay Nikolaev 01:41:58
Peter Berry 01:44:44
Rod Cutler 01:50:54
Alisa Williams 01:51:09
Bruce Hammond 01:55:46
Greg Peoples 01:57:04
Amanda Underwood 02:00:14
Kevin Tiller 02:07:14
Mark Everton 02:07:26
Nathan McInnes 02:07:54
Neil Peace 02:08:36
Chris Moreiry 02:24:20
Mark Gooch 02:24:20
Bob Kimbrey 02:25:00

I don’t particulary care about the big races anymore, I like something a bit more homely, cheaper. Like this and of course fat ass runs.

I went for a bit of a walk/jog in the afternoon and then went for a kayak/brief swim, was totally cactus by the evening.

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