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14-Oct-2008 Sizzlin’

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I guess this is a bit of a catch up post, as I have been too busy DOING to write it down.

Friday week – was very hot. Went for a walk with the family on our beloved Bonnie Vale. The hot wind still felt fresh. In the water there was a lot of Phosphorescence in the water. We went swimming. Not sure if its safe to encourage kids to swim in the sea at night but its a great place and pretty safe. It was cool to move arms & legs in the water.

Overnight it rained and unfortunately I spun the car off the road whilst driving out for a run. The technical term is fishtailing. I ended up in the bushes at the other side of the road – lucky no one else on the road. I was well under the speed limit 70km on a 80km road, but the car is well slippy on wet road and I suspect the rain just sat un gunk that came out during the heat. Luckily I just had to change the tyre (helped my my next door neighbour who was next car along). I could have been killed pretty easily.

Over the long weekend I got into some decent running. I started to read “Once a runner” and its still a great book. Unfortunately it made me a bit sad as I realised that I used to run with the Uni Cross Country/Track team in a big group everyday and did stuff like is in the book, and that time has probably gone now. Anyway I have started to run everyday now and I feel like I am pounding myself hard. Many a time now I stagger back home well beaten down (with a massive smile on my face I should add – nothing makes me happier).

Guess what : I even got up on morning at 6am and went running then went for a swim in the sea before going to work. how cool is that (it is cool – it was a statement not a question). However that morning it was cold – the phrase that comes to mind is “the agony and the ecstasy”.

I was planning on running the Blue Labyrinth with the fat assers on Sunday, but on Friday the thread on CR made it clear the run was Saturday. Usually I am pretty anal about dates and stuff so not sure what happened. I was all psyched for the Sunday (even had permission). Whilst I could have changed it to the Saturday we had planned to do stuff together, so I gave it a miss. I do that a lot these days so was not too worried. (Sean has tipped me off about the KJ Mountain run next Saturday, so may do that 22km run but I won’t post on the thread else it will jinx me).

Swimming was just great and have started swimming to the wharf. We also went kayaking on Saturday. On Sunday the missus stood on a stingray at the beach but no whatever it is that they do – bite/sting. Even one of the kids swam part way to the wharf. Sunday went for a bush run on this new track I found, Jaz saw a snake, luckily only a grass one.

Even went running tonight after work – bonnie vale of course. In the dark, barefoot on the sand, plus a moonlight swim. I have tried everything before it seems, but tonight was the first time I properly went commando. It was cool but interested to see how it goes on a long run. Could get nasty. Let me know if you have experience of long commando runs.

I have been running every day since the previous saturday now (umm except Thurs). Even though the mileage is not that high 6km-9km daily – the 9km runs have some killer bush, hills, sand, everything and still takes over an hour. I have been walking like I have wooden legs all week. it’s wonderful.

CR has been going ok, although I should say Vurt has been doing most of the work. Some interesting posts today on how much offtopic stuff there is. What goes around comes around (in bigger doses it seems).

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