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03-Oct-2008 Peace In Myself Makes Peace In The World

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from no-impact-man :

They say a peaceful mind makes a peaceful man. A peaceful man makes a peaceful family. A peaceful family makes a peaceful village. A peaceful village makes a peaceful country. A peaceful country makes a peaceful world. Peace. Kindness. Sustainability. It’s all the same to me.

yeah beautiful. I don’t feel beautiful – work is a total shitter but the things outside of work are good.

Our habit of turning off electricity at the wall is paying off – 29Kwh per day for the last quarter – pretty good as it was half the previous bill even though it covered the winter period and a third what is was when we lived (in a bigger house) in Berowra, and there are 5 of us in the family. what’s yours ?

I am spending time reading some old books, currently Narcissus and Goldmund – I first read this as a 14year old or so. It’s like how I feel – part scholar chained to a desk and part wildman exploring all the world has to offer.

I am thinking of buying a netbook, one of the $500 jobs running XP. I have a nextg usb modem. Will need something when six foot season comes around (no new Race director to replace me yet).

On Saturday I ran over the curra moors loop to garie beach yha and back. 2hrs 10mins all up although I took a detour over sand dunes and bush bashed before I found the right track to the yha. it is the coolest place I have ever been too, very impressed indeed. I love garie beach anyway so its always a pleasure to run there.


We picked up a load of rubbish from bonnie vale – it was a hot day and lots of boating people out (the worst litter louts) – too much to carry so waded (chest high) to maianbar twice to put in the bins there.

On Sunday I made a very rare trip north to run with the sydney striders, from kogarah. Although I needn’t have bothered. I ran with the 6.10am group but got dropped by approx 7km, luckily almost back at the start. I stopped (6.55am) and drove home for 8am and went running for 2hrs with the missus. You could say I should harden up and get fitter, but I can’t be arsed, it was a crazy pace. sod ’em. Needless to say I was a bit stuffed. In the afternoon we went kayaking and that finished me off.

fyi I found some photos of the exact spot I go swimming at wattamolla – palm tree to the right, waterfall to the left.




This was posted on my old blog and had got the following comments:

Vurt : If you are interesting in the Dell Sub notebook let me know :Praying:

I have been looking at these for when Ellie and i travel next month. My impression is that the Acer Aspire One or the latest ASUS offered the best value if you are after an decent sized hard drive rather than a SSD. The Dell is a nice product though.

Mick : I hate seeing rubbish also, but having those that don’t create it, cleanup after those that do, although it helps, does not get to the source of the problem. I really just can’t understand how someone who is finished with a fast food container can just open the window and throw it out. Where do they get this from ? Surely they can just keep it in their car until they get to their destination and put it in the bin. Weird.I wish someone like Ian Kiernan could influence local government, etc to fixing the source of the problem …Impose fines, give them weekend liter detention on the sides of our roads, etc. The police are never going to be interested, probably going to have to rely on Council / Park rangers. If the fine was $200 (and that’s just for starters, etc out of window object), they should only need to issue 2 fines per day to cover their wages/overheads, with the amount of liter around that should be easily achievable.

RunBare : Hey Kev,
I’ve been doing the ‘turn things off at the wall’ as well as ‘why is THAT on???’ and trying to see how much I could save power wise.  We have 5 in our house as well, and our last quarter was was half the previous one.  10.73 kWh/day.  It’s only served to make me more determined/annoying (the kids LOVE it….) to see how low we can get it.

Moondust : I bought an Asus and I love it, but in all honesty the keyboard is *just* too small for a touch typist. The Acer has a better keyboard – the extra $100 (ish) would be worth it to me. Haven’t seen the Dell.


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