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20-Sep-2008 Weekly RoundUp

Saturday 20 September 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

A quick flurry of updates :
I saw an echidna on the trail last weekend when I was out running near garie beach. It was funny as it heard me coming, moved about 6 inches then hid its head – figuring it couldn’t see me, so I couldn’t see it. almost trod on it but I did stop to admire it. ditto the lyre birds that I saw in 3 or 4 separate spots. afterwards I tried my diving mask (found in seaweed) at hordern’s beach – it worked well.

Went running with the missus on sunday near wattamolla – great rainbow, and frogs chirping – missus thought they sounded like farts underwater. went swimming in the lagoon.

Spent most of the week in Brisbane for work (Cisco Live Conference). Went to bed 2am monday and got up at 3am for a 6am flight. very busy day in brissie starting 9am. finished at 7.30pm. dinner & bed pretty much (oh yes I watched shameless probably the best show around at the moment). I could have contacted the brisbane crs but I knew the week would be long and stressful enough.

quick rant – I will never go into another body shop. I think they have totally changed since being taken over by l’oreal. I have been using them since the year dot but now all the shops look like david jones perfume hall. stupid gits. I have been using chandrika soaps for the best part of 10 years off and on – only about $1.75 from health food stores.

anyway coming home the gooses at qantas didn’t bring my bag back on the same plane as me. they had to deliver it hours later by vip courier.

today I went to the cr drinks / lunch at circular quay. I felt like a bit of a fraud as I am not running at the weekend. even so it was good to meet some new people and old friends. it was really good actually and a shame I had to return to work at 3pm.

cr itself seems to go from strength to strength ie lots of people (too many?) and waaaay too many threads to read them all. I guess I miss a lot. good help from sook, ellie and vurt. love ’em all. means a lot less stress for me. next stop : getting the treasurer and secretary firing on all cylinders.

This was originally posted on my old blog and had some comments :

Tynomite: “I could have contacted the brisbane crs but I knew the week would be long and stressful enough.” Are you implying something about the Brissie CRs Kev? :)

Me: sorry didn’t come out right. I find it stressful enough to do what I am supposed to do and check emails, without having to worry about being in a certain place at a certain time to meet people – especially when its somewhere I don’t know too well. As it was I took my gear and didn’t run once. however that would be usual – I only run when I feel happy about things. If I am stressed it all goes downhill.

RunBare: was great to see you at the CR lunch Kev, I always enjoy chatting with you about things minimal and slightly crazy B)  I like the way you run, you’ve renewed my enthusiasm for life.



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