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11-Sep-2008 Slow … And Late

Thursday 11 September 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I am trying to slow my life down and enjoy it a bit more – hence I have not been so active on cr recently. been reading more. I work from home one day a week, and often walk to the post office to post some shoes (loco). We have a no-driving rule for the village we live in so usually walk or cycle. Luckily the most direct route to the post office is along the beach, so I pick up litter or just listen to the waves. yesterday I saw a diving mask tangled up in seaweed and so recovered it and spent some time scraping off the barnacles. slow is good. even when running, although I am getting faster. I took the missus out at the weekend and had to stop a hundred times for her ! success !

Although my running is going well, work is a total shit for lots of reasons and I rarely get time to run during the week, so I figured I should do what I used to – get up at 6am. but I just can’t. probably because I go to bed too late. I reckon up a 6am for an hour run till 7am which is when I usually get up would be just the trick. sounds easy but its hard to break a habit. that’s why I don’t do striders or bushies these days – afraid of early mornings ! the weird thing is I have been going to bed earlier in general, maybe I am just in catch up mode. we’ll see how it goes, will report back here.

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