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5-Sep-2008 Sixfoot

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I think the main frame of mind I am in is “yikes I am shitting myself”. We haven’t quite wrapped up 2008 and need to start 2009. We have been looking for a new Race Director, but don’t have one. SO I probably will keep doing it …. but I am also struggling with CR work and can’t see how I can both. I really wonder how on earth I have done it all over the years, before I realise all the time off I took and weekends spent working and late late nights.

At the moment I have cut back and have been living a life. I am really enjoying the non-work side of things – just except the piles of stuff “growing” around me. My running is going well (mainly at the weekends – but a few runs on Bonnie Vale during the week). I had a great run the other night and found some phosphorescence on the water so when you waded it shone like glitter. I ALWAYS run barefoot on the beach now and often run back thru the waves. I always get home high high high as a kite. Its very nourishing. I have also started something that could become (yet another) lifetime project – I am doing some “trail maintenance on loads of tracks, as well as finding out new ones – there are just SO MANY tracks all over the place – I am just having so much fun.

I am also trying to load my docs and cr docs and loco and six foot into google – much easier for other people to pick them up and run with them, and anyway I don’t even use one pc (we have 3 at home) and I use pcs all over.

It’s a bit like a new attitude – cut it all back to the basics – no watch, no gps, no heart rate monitor. I have even dug out some old cotton running tshirts from the 1980s, my shoes have already done more than 1000km. no water bottle even for 3hr+ runs. I just run off and take new tracks no idea where they go – I come out of the bush on hands and knees sometimes. I think it falls into the whole fat ass mindset – just run and have fun, and the fitness will follow. It doesn’t mean I don’t run fast – in fact when the track is good I go as fast as I can (I creamed the missus last weekend – I don’t think she wants to run with me anymore). I know I am getting fit now, but I can’t quite be bothered to run any races. There’s some great tracks here – lots of mud, reminds me of the UK. Also what I call tunnels – its like in the bush but the bush comes over the top of the track and joins over your head – forming a tunnel. Great stuff (you can’t even see the tracks on google satellite maps – you have to go out and find them all).

I have been thinking about running at glasshouse (even mentioned it on my blog), and guess what ? I will be in Brisbane for work on the mon-thurs after the run for a cisco conference. It would be so easy to go up on the friday and do glasshouse, but I have to take one of the kids to homebush for a dance contest on Fri pm, and we have family stuff already lined up for Sat and Sun, and I don’t really want to leave them, I love being with my family. I might try and bunk off the conference and get someone to take me for a run on Mt Cootha as that is quite close to where I am staying I think.

ps shout out to tim – made some date & oat balls – well cool. we replaced the dates also and used apricots and also rolled in dessicated coconut. just like the ones you buy at $2 a pop, except our cost like 20c.

well, we all know that the truth is only known by guttersnipes in any case ….

This was posted on my old blog and I had some comments:

Tim: sad about the Glasshouse but family is better than a race (most of the time).  Hey cool about the balls, I like the extra stuff I think i will make some the Tiller way.

Plu: Kevin have you looked at zoho.com – not bad functionality compared to google docs.  Just  read about the it last night on Techcrunch.

Brick: Hi Kevin, Again with tim sad about the Glasshouse but I do understand totally.All the same it would of been nice to catch up and if I am lucky I might of been able to keep up with you but after reading this entry maybe not any more. Nice too see you are getting back your running mojo. Since my achilles injury I have really been enjoying just running very very easily it makes such a difference not wanting to go fast all the time.



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