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26-Aug-2008 Stumped & Struggling

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I am really struggling. I seem to get up at 7am-7.30am and sort kids out then go to work and get home at an average 8pm. by the time I do dinner and maybe catch some of the Olympics or do something with the kids, its getting late and I have done no work on CR (again) or sixfoot (for that matter). Not sure how I used to get it all done, but maybe I spent half my day at work doing it (but can’t now). I used to be in a rut and spend half the weekend on the computer, but not so much now.
Lucky people like Vurt and sook & others are helping out big time else I’d be really in the shit.

Last weekend was both Willy2billy and Sutherland half and I didn’t do either. In a way I felt bad about missing both, particularly willy2billy as I have done a lot of them, but am going thru a funny phase where am not too into the races. On Saturday morning I decided instead to do my own big run and went out for 3-and-a-half-hrs (25km according to gmaps) but its a really great run – bonnie vale beach, wade, then sand then swim to Yennabilly. The water was icy cold and I was wearing a cotton top so froze for a while till it drip dried. then run on the road and take the bush to Anice falls (via the Swedish masseur according to Billy from Billy’s Bushies). Its called that as its like gorse bushes on both sides of the track and I got blood (lots of) on both legs as it meets in the middle. the path was underwater also. Then run Mount Bass firetrail to the trig point then down to Big Marley. It was getting warm so I drank out of puddles – man I am getting psycho these days!! Saw 3 pelicans flying just in front. Big Marley was a wild place due to wind/waves. Then ran back to Bundeena via the little marley track. Ran in the surf at Horderns in barefeet and went swimming before getting home. Got it in the neck from the missus as apparently I’d said I would only be 2 hours. I am sure I said “a long one, more than 2hrs” and 3-and-a-half-hrs is more than 2. Didn’t see anyone out. Ran pretty well. I felt tired going into Big Marley, but it was downhill and very inspiring. I slogged it out of Marley (as its all uphill) but overall I was very happy with my speed. Coming into Bundeena I felt pretty good. It was quite funny as coming along the beach there were these people, obviously straight off the ferry in jeans, boots, coats, scarfs, gloves and I ran past stripped off to shorts and dived into the water. It was a great circuit and would make a good striders run. hmmm now there’s a thought. If we did it at low tide and ran the sand/mud to Red Jacks and up the track there it would be s.u.p.e.r.b.

Went mountain biking in the afternoon with the kids. Jaz is getting pretty bloody mean on a bike these days. She loses interest unless there are good jumps now. The puddles were great – just like being in the UK again. Needless to say Sunday I was wrecked so watched the Olympic Marathon on Tv and read the paper. Did feel inspired though.

This was originally posted on my CoolRunning Blog – and I had one comment:

Curtisrocco : you sound like a wild man.  you need to grow a beard. You also sound fit.  you should run the glasshouse.  i hear those tea drinking vegetarians have a spare bed.

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