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19-Aug-2008 Running & Thoughts

Tuesday 19 August 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I ran 12foot track – 90km. my race report is here.

Not sure what’s next – am thinking about glasshouse 100miler, but to be honest I can’t see the weekend costing less than $500 so am not sure I will bother.

Of course there is willy to billy or the sutherland half. mmmm maybe. My legs were still cactus during last week, but improved by the weekend.

On saturday I did a great run, actually I did it a couple of weeks back – Garie beach to Werrong beach via The Squeeze and return via Era. 17.5km. For those unaware Werrong is a nooodie beach. So I did a quick skinny dip. No one around. The run is just great – a bit of road, a bit of 4WD, some single track, some big ups and downs and probably my all time favourite surface – some soft sand mixed with dirt and leaves – there is a great section near Werrong Beach. Anyway after reading the Werrong Beach pdf I thought that after the turnoff for Werrong I would stick my clothes behind a rock and run the 2km to and from the beach in the nude. I did and I didn’t see anyone down or up or at the beach (water was cold). It was a weirdly liberating feeling – was quite happy not to see anyone but also I think if I did see anyone I don’t think I’d care. I did it for me. I will definitely be doing it again (lucky its a legal thing).

On Sunday did more or less the same minus the beach section with the missus (we started late, or that was her excuse …). I was quite flying along some of the tracks.

I really am beginning to see how the aborigine’s could have a great depth of feeling for their local territory – I am beginning to feel that way about MY park, an spending a lot of time on a bunch of different trails – I’m not doing all of them but am spending quality time on a lot of them and gradually expanding my knowledge. Even the ideal of running the sutherland half on Sat pm just round the corner is like “what, and share the track with a load of oiks from the city?!”.

I think I will spend some hard core time getting fit and just race sparingly. I think that’s where my mind is at at the moment.

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