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14-Aug-2008 Catch Up

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Been doing a lot more running ! yay !
Just need to post this video: Running & Reading (The Key to Life) – it pretty much sums me up – I love running and I love reading!

Also been spending some time reducing our electricity usage at home – trying to be greener (see my links).
Started off by unplugging nearly everything except when we are using it. I rigged up a switch for the tv, dvd, etc so its turned off at the wall when we finish and we just turn it on to use it (like an hour a day or so). the microwave is always off except when in use (maybe not even every day). We got a gas fire instead of the oil filled radiators we had previously. the bedrooms are colder (no heating), so maybe use socks or a top.

We were never bottled-water buyers, but I used to buy the cheapo sparkling mineral water. we don’t get that now. I also used to have some gatorade for post-long-runs. don’t get that now. I bought an aluminium bottle after seeing Thom with his (yep – despite all my media savvy, I am a fanboy and bought one on celeb recommendation). I guess its all about taking it back to the basics. Leading a pure and simple life – or trying to at any rate.

We generally have a no-car rule for getting around our village. it annoys the kids, and its such a drag to walk to the post office (along the beach!)…….. I ride my bike around a fair bit also, sans-helmet. ssshhh. never was good at following rules.

We go out and pick up a lot of litter also. We’re nazi’s like that. embarrasses the kids.

This was originally posted to my old CoolRunning blog and I had some comments:

Brick: I also agree with Will Smith about the running and reading the only problem recently is most of my reading is either work related technical stuff or Coolrunning. So is it better to be reading about running?

Firehorse: Kevin, proud of you and your family’s lifestyle changes.  I only get here occasionally to catch up on the Tiller doings, but am always interested and pleased with what you are coming up with.  We think in similar ways on some issues, and it is nice to see you and Dawn support each other in enacting what you believe.  Neither of my two partners in life so far, have echoed my thoughts/shared my beliefs about the environment and humanitarian issues.  Living what you believe is what gives life its meaning (that is not well expressed, but you get my drift?).Also glad you are getting into your running again.  What’s Dawn been up to? Catch up sometime in the next year :-). Cheers, Di.

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