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18-Jul-2008 Last Coupla Days

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still been running. that’s the main thing. its funny that my standard run is 6km and I am almost at the point now that it’s a daily habit – I feel crap if I miss a day and look forward to it and finish on such a high. eventually I will increase it. but my usual trick is to increase it too much then get too cactus. am usually in the dark running – never see a sole. actually today some people had a bonfire on the beach. I went wading on tues as it was still daylight, and today I ran back in the wash from the waves ie ankle deep. it was great. am getting stronger. I can feel the sub-3 coming back (just got to get the sub-4 monkey off my back first ha ha ha).

that guy ronnie (little aussie) has been a total jerk on cr. yep you read it. the same guy as was a total jerk 2 months back. 5000 people can read and write posts everyday but he is the one to get his knickers in a knot. more fool me for saying or doing anything online. it makes me want to walk away from the whole thing. I was impressed that tim tried his hand. I suspect he thinks he failed. i KNOW that if we were all in a room reading out what we wrote, there would be no issue. blue dog often gets slapped down but he really wasn’t out of line this time. jeez even rudolf’s posts were making sense.

anyway ronnie posted about seeing sham69 in brisbane – they are playing sydney tomorrow so will go along. at least his taste in music is ok. suspect the world youth day kids won’t be there!

posted to cr that we are out of visors and almost out of caps. we did order some new ones weeks and weeks ago, but I don’t think hotdesigns did anything other than the rest of our order. we have ordered 300 caps and 200 visors – am guessing at least a year’s worth. its too painful to do it much more frequently.

the missus told me that an old friend of mine from striders got knocked off his bike and is not likely to walk again. he has kids the same age as ours even though he is older. its a scary thought and makes me less inclined to ride on the roads again. also puts it into perspective a bit – must make sure I stay safe. he’s still in intensive care 2 weeks later, no feelings anywhere.

Am currently reading this book – the singer by cathi unsworth – its great.

still not inspired to read emails, sorry if you have written one.

work’s been a total bitch – leaving earlier in the mornings, although still only getting into work by 9.30am so its not super early. I just like staying in bed till nearly 8am.

This post was originally on my old coolrunnng blog and it had some comments :

plu: Yeh Tim did a good job. Also sorry to hear about the Strider’s bike accident- that sort of thing is always on my mind.Yeh nothing like family to make you a bit more sensible. cheers  PLu

tim: thanks I appreciate you guys saying that.

Dave: Just saw this Kev, who was the Strider, anyone I would know? I’m actually back out on the bike quite a bit in Singapore, mostly in bunches and surprisingly it is actually pretty safe, not what I expected at all. Don’t let the negative people drag you down, in a community the size of CR there will always be a troublemaker or 2, just remember the vast and sometimes silent majority who appreciate CR’s existence!

sunny1: Seems to me to be a pattern to the behaviour of your worrying poster, Kev.

  • Takes offense.
  • Takes others statements out of context or literally.
  • States his interpretation of their error or stance as a fact.
  • Defensive to ridicule, but uses strong language back.
  • Takes offense at others attempting to clarify.
  • Repetitive and determined.

As yet he has not responded to BlueDogs ‘complaint’ regarding his avatar. I predict that there will be none, but that the said poster will reappear morphed into another name and avatar eg ‘Venia’ (incidentally the Latin word for forgiveness). Not wishing to drag this all up again, but sometimes recognising a pattern of behaviour is helpful when it starts again. Helps to be ready. Definitely not to be taken personally. But must be extremely frustrating to you guys. Take care. Don’t worry, be happy!!

undercover brother: some people just luv a fight kev. idiots the lot of them :p
tim did a moderately good to well job.

Ian Hamilton: First time I’ve been on here, it’s in response to your mate Ronnie referring to it.  Re CR, keep up the good work.


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