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16-Jul-2008 Losing My Religion

Wednesday 16 July 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

thankfully I am not referring to my running!

Last weekend I did not check email, not my own, not coolrunning, not sixfoot. nothing. Its was great and I didn’t miss it. It feels like since 1994 I have got myself onto this treadmill of email/constantly connected etc. Now I think I will use it for what I want when I want. Actually its great living in a place with crap mobile reception as I usually leave the phone at home when I go out locally. only take when I am going to work or somewhere with reception. On cr I was saying to people to use the report! button to flag a problem, but I might not read it for 24hrs+. other moderators might though.

I had a good run saturday – actually it was a combo – mtb to the middle of bush, dumped bike and ran over sand dunes and saw wallabys and deer, crossed a creek, bush bashed like a dill brain and ran back to bike and pedalled like a crazy f**ker. got home wrecked.

On sunday I did have visions of going to the striders run at berowra – I used to host the run there for like 8 or 9 years and so never did the actual run. there is a new host (alan wareham -many thanks I thought the run was a gonna). But I could not face a 4.30am start, and a 90km drive. In the end I got up at 9.15am and ran for 2hrs with the missus. We had a great run. I massacred her, so the training is going well. I think she even enjoyed it. I think we were both totally pooped when we finished so read the paper for a few hours. Sunday pm we all did a bike ride on lady carrington drive. 7yr old whining – my legs hurt, my arms hurt, its too rocky. we also did a long walk on saturday with her also along the beach.

monday I barely even checked my emails. up at 7.45am and out the door approx 8.10am. busy all day. home at 7pm, went running approx 7.30pm-8.20pm. bath then made dinner. juiced a carrot, used juice and pulp. made like a tahini from “juicing” sunflower seeds. lightly nuked it with mushrooms, spinach, lemon juice & vinegar. fruit platter for desert (faves at the moment are quatered oranges, watermelon, rockmelon). quick check of cr. don’t think I even did much email. my run was great – bonnie vale in the dark BUT I ACTUALLY RAN FAST/SPRINTED for some of it. I am really getting fitter. (I might even be losing weight…)

read this on the gaping void blog – it so reminds me of me!

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