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11-Jul-2008 High As Kite

Friday 11 July 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

the missus has been running along the cliffs and the past week has been whale watching. I have been running along bonnie vale most days. its only a 6km run but I often go in the dark and I hate roads and carrying a torch is too modern.

On tuesday, my day working at home – the missus was at work and I had the 2 kids (3rd is in Hong Kong). I went out about 11am. it was sunny and so beautiful. I went for a wade to maianbar – still have a nasty cough so thought a swim was a bit too much. Got home, dropped the kids off to friends then went to work. I was as high as a kite in the car.

this evening I went out to bonnie vale, but it was really cold – as I was barefoot, the sand was cold and by the time I got home my feet were red and solid. reminded me of running in the frost and snow in the uk. often the sand is shin deep and its good to try to take big strides along.

work has been very busy and as gmail is blocked at work (bastards!) I often don’t check email from early morning till late at night. like tonight. and if I’ve been out running I can’t be arsed to respond to it.

Am thinking of a bike/run this weekend, may even take the missus. if anyone lives nearby and wants a bit of adventure then give me a hoy as I am always keen to take people out.

This post was originally on my coolrunning blog, and I had some comments:

dropbear: Mmmm… when you say “take people out” conjures up many possibilities in that RNP.  Perhaps you can clarify?

Tim: Kev the way you are talking I think it will not be long before you grow a beard.  I love the sound of where you live what a top place.  I always love running in the RNP it has such a good feel about it.

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