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10-Jul-2008 Sick As Pig

Thursday 10 July 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Last week I was feeling very cactus – not bad enough to take time off work mind you, but enough to feel shite all week. It was funny as the previous weekend I had been very virtuous and woke up and said to the missus “I feel feel fantastic” jumped out of bed then it all went pear shaped. one of my daugthers had it first, then she climbed into our bed and that’s what gave it to me.

that weekend was a kid’s birthday party and we had approx 8, 7-11 year old girls camped out at our place all weekend. very trying. it was soo cool though as we did egg and spoon races and sack races on the beach.

we sent our eldest daughter (age 12) to hong kong for 2 weeks to stay with a cousin. I was the bad old father for deciding to buy her a ticket as she originally didn’t want to go, but now she is there I think its ok a bit more.

this weekend everyone went out so I had a couple of quiet hours at home. Jason Murphy dropped off some recycled runners at my house – many thanks for the long trip south. I was too ill to run so went for a walk on the beach. I quite like the peace and the waves. I picked up some rubbish as I always want to make the best of my time.

On the Sunday I did go running, and found a track I was looking for, only a bit on hands and knees! I found some deer bones also. But I need to go back a bit more to find a runnable track.

I have still been a bit under the weather this week and have been running, but no ocean swimming. I am in love with bonnie vale I run there A LOT, nearly always in barefoot, which is strange as I own a running shoe company (!)

On the diet front, I made steve pavlina’s green juice – a banana, fresh spinach and water bended up. the missus didn’t want me to waste a banana and refused initially to try some, but one of the kids did and liked it. she reneged and tried some, and also liked it. It sounds like it will be crap but was lovely and smooth – just fab. really.

Been emailing with someone who wants to write a book about cliffy and reckons they have a publisher all lined up.

the bad news is that sook has gone walkabout and left me feeling lonesome for 5 or 6 or 7 weeks (its too long to count). she is doing such a great job on answering cr emails and helping people. she makes me look like a real loser to be honest. We probably need someone else to help (post news stories to the homepage, answer emails and stuff like that). We also need a new secretary as Jen is also going walkabout – sounds like for a long time. she is helping me draft the “rules” of CR – who runs it, how the committee is run etc. its slow work. This on top of the new treausrer – moondust – although we haven’t got her started properly yet. Need to pull my finger out. lots of fingers even.

reading : my signed copy of project sahara
listening to : Jonsey’s Jukebox podcasts

This post was originally on my coolrunning blog, and it got some comments:

Colsy: Geez Kev, banana, spinach and water?  Doesn’t the spinach get wrapped around the blender blades?

Me: just.try.it. – maybe start with more banana and less spinach but if you have a good blender it is amazing. really.

sook54: Hey Kev nice to know I’m missed ;) Sorry to hear about you feeling yucky. Hope it passes soon. I’m here in Darwin for a couple more days I’ll see if I can spare an hour or two somewhere to help out while I have internet access.

MissZ: That juice sounds truly revolting. But I am gonna have to try it now.

Tim: its cool how banana and greens work.  You can just wrap a banana in a lettuce leaf and it works. the green drink is gold when it comes to health.  I have been slack and have not had one for a while. I like banana and parsley. hope you are feeling better mate.  i guess even green drinking, barefoot, winter swimming, trail runners get sick sometimes.

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