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27-Jun-2008 Raw-ish

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I guess I should just be a bit clearer from my previous post about a raw diet, or thoughts about it.

At the moment I stopped cooking my porridge. For a while I have been soaking it for a day or 2 or 3 – cheap “quick oats”, pepitas and cut up dates with a 50:50 mix of homemade soymilk and so-good. I just have it raw/cold with a small amount of maple syrup (a teaspoonful). Now its just soaked and eaten.

For lunch I might buy a couple of apples, a couple mandarins and a banana. approx $3.50 – surprisingly cheap when compared to even fruit salads, or regular salads – you can $5 for 2 mouthfuls. Sumo Salad is a total f**king joke the price they charge. I don’t have fruit all the time – I have a love affair with masala dosa and also sometimes a macro burger. But I am thinking about being more hard core which is always the first step.

In the evening I try to make sure I have a big bowl of fresh fruit and/or fresh juice – and amazingly the kids love it too. However I do love beans and rice so definitely not even close to raw. although I do often juice a carrot and put the juice and pulp into the meal. wicked.

Its funny that most of my blog posts are so late at night, well not really, am a busy puppy during the day. It would be better of course if I didn’t spend half the night reading and meandering down the alleyways of the internet (was a big Mob, Crass, Portobello Rd-fan). And watching videos was never much of a billy bragg fan but he’s pretty cool – and this pisstake is even better).

CR Stuff – I picked up the shorts last weekend – didn’t pass them to amjan – was slack. so posted the remainder myself. will get them to her. The shorts are good, the inner is ok for the time being but will probably cut it out at some point. the pocket (with velcro) is f course really good. overall I am really happy with them.

running – nah

This post was originally on my old CoolRunning blog, and I had the following comments:

Tim: I just blogged using the term raw-ish.  Now I read your blog.  Too funny.  We are on the same wave length.  I really like some of Billy Bragg but I think it was the accent.

20thCenturyBoy: Levi Stubb’s Tears, Greetings from the New Brunette, New England – 3 of my favourite Bragg songs I never tire of!

undercover brother: you and tim are twins.
and thats not a complement ;)
i gotta get me some of those shorts!

cakeboy: One of them’s off her food
the other ones off his head
and both of them are off
down the boozahhhh….
…….nice to see he has a few fans left still….geez I’m gettin old…. ;)

Colsy: I get a bit choked up when I see the ‘New Brunette’ clip.
But I usually want to get my Revolutionary Army together for “Waiting for The Great Leap Forward”.


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