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25-Jun-2008 Running Smoothly

Wednesday 25 June 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

My running is going smoothly. Check out my running log:

I have migrated it to google docs, which is a totally superb piece of free engineering technology. Whenever I update the spreadsheet, its updates on my website. how cool is that. let me know if you want to do also. I moved my website to google sites (a free wiki).

Anyway, as a consequence I have been more tired than usual. And work is busier than usual. I try to leave home by 8am and get home by 7.30-8pm. gmail is blocked at work and so I usually do a quick squizz of emails and CR in the morning – approx 7am-7.30am and then again approx 9pm. I keep up to date with the forums during the day but that’s only light relief ! Luckily CR is cruising on ok, looks pretty busy. Sook is doing a very sterling job of keeping the emails under control. (she might disagree!)

I have done a few runs along Bonnie Vale late at night, I leave my shoes at the end of the beach and run barefoot, often running thru the seawater. Maybe a swim at the end (I expect swimming in the dark by yourself is a big no no, so please don’t tell anyone!!). Run back. Even a 40min run is VERY exhilarating. I feel like I am almost back to a daily habit, a few more months and I will be doing ok I think. I ran with Dawn on Sunday for a bit then started on my other little hobby – finding tracks thru the bush that are not on any maps. Been spending my time in dead ends, on hands and knees etc. But found so great tracks. It’s really exciting and I guess not a chore so am really looking forward to doing more. Spending time zooming in on satellite maps on google maps. I have also found a lot of mud – Sydney doesn’t have much mud in general, and I miss it. I even had a shoe sucked off on Saturday and I arrived home covered in mud. If I did the route in reverse I could have washed off when I crossed fisherman’s bay (long wade and short swim – I do some wacky runs!)

Anyway not only am I doing some barefoot runs (only on sand) but I have started experimenting with more raw food (and reading up a lot about it – that’s what I stay up late reading at the moment). I have been thinking about it for quite a while and have been tinkering around the edges. definitely I can’t see myself being a raw vegan, but skewing it a bit more in that direction seems to be making me feel better.

I don’t think it’s influenced by Rudi, but more by Tim – I guess I consider him a mate and if barefoot and raw is interesting to him, then I thought I should have a closer look at it. I have found that whilst running barefoot, and bush-bashing on other runs, I am becoming less interested in watches, races, times, gear etc. I feel like ita s return to “earthy matters”. Actually I read a post by tim yesterday (about ipods but transferable to my situation). I started running knowing nothing, but just hitting the road every night, no races, no times, no clubs etc. It was winter when I started so it was just me and the wind and rain and recently that is EXACTLY what I have been feeling like – me, the wind and rain etc.

I have been toying around with drawing routes etc on google maps as the main documentation tool – will link from the running guide part of CR when I get around to it (one recent example).

ps thanks for the comments on the blog, must try to post more regularly than once a week….. still on training wheels (how long can I keep using that excuse for?)

This was originally posted on my old CoolRunning Blog and I even got a comment :

Ellie80: Hey Kev, I am also intrigued by raw-ism and have tried a few times but find that it takes a lot of effort, and I am a bit of a lazy bugger. But would love to more. I think I scared myself off with a truly horrific raw pasta that I made… let us know how it goes!


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