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15-Jun-2008 Moderation, Pink & Running

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Note- this was posted to my old blog and I am just moving to over here.

The rudi stuff quietened down after we merged a couple of threads and closed it to posting,  in theory allowing people to calm down and cool off. it’s open again now. We were between a rock and a hard place. Thomo was vehemently for rudi and spammed the moderators every time someone posted something negative. RonnieRennen did the same (but in public) any time there was a positive post. arrrggghh.

Thomo made it clear to me that all moderators should be sacked for failing to do their duty. I received a bunch of emails from moderators who wondered if they should quit or what, given they often leave nasty stuff for me. Colin (The Colin) has also – often – expressed his opinion that the moderators (likely just me) are inconsistent and not up to scratch. I spend a lot of mental energy worrying, thinking and analysing these sorts of jedi-mind games and it gets me down. I like thomo and colin, and suspect if we were face to face all would be ok, but I don’t feel it’s been said like that. It feels like a lot of needle & aggro. I am only venting here as its prime position in my mind.

I don’t think we do a bad job (given my overall lack of qualifications) and as its meant to be a part time hobby!

I went to the Wild Endurance Awards night on Thurs as Sean was MC. It was a good evening. Sean did a good job. I felt a bit of a fraud for going to the awards drinks but not competing in the event! Saw a few CRs, most commented that shutting the thread off was the best thing to do.

I am sitting here watching Pink Floyd’s The Wall. If you remember the scene with a burnt out Pink in a hotel room – that’s how I feel about CR, Six Foot etc and most people don’t realise I am not some megalomaniac I am just a little boy trying to offload this monkey (or plural) that jumped on my back. I would like to disappear back into obscurity. Maybe I shouldn’t post to CR, but if I continue to moderate I will be seen as a faceless nazi wanker if I just edit but not give any reasons why.

On the running front, my mind was also occupied with the upcoming running of the billy bushies run in Bundeena, where I had had been dobbed in as ranger for the run ie set the course and lead it (like AT THE FRONT). I did a decent route round Maianbar and back to Bundeena last weekend – took 3 tries to really get it right. I ran most of it with Dawn on Monday. Anyway we did the run today – bit of bush, bit of road, some very narrow, wet, gorse stuff, some firetrail and then some sand. the tide didn’t work quite as the website suggested so it was with some horror that the tide was much higher than expected. We waded / ran / walked round from Red Jacks to Yenabilli point, where everyone just said – we either swim for it or go on the trail the long way. 90% opted for the swim – the bushies are very hardcore. I was told to say Go so everyone races back and I was left for dead. A Great 2h 15m run. VERY cold at the finish though. The swim was only about 10metres, but approx 50+ metres of wading, in parts waist deep. A great honour to set the route and most people seemed to like the route. I was impressed that I stayed at the front until we said Go without embarrassing myself and collapsing in a heap halfway round and going short back home. I should go out more frequently with them. The contrast with Striders is quite stark ie at bushies you get extra credits if you lose everyone else. I contemplated taking a map of the route but figured that was against the rules (you betcha!).

Unfortunately it meant that I missed the Poor Man’s Comrade’s that was also on today.

Next up – keep the training going, Cities Marathon and 12foot hopefully.

As this was on my old blog I did receive some comments:

Plu – Hi Kevin, I can only just imagine the emails/PMs you would  have got.   I got my own fair share as well after my blogs posts on the issue. Many were distressed Cool Runners.  Also there are a lot of CR  who did not what – if anything had happened.   Perhaps having a monkey is not necessarily a bad thing.  If it is not Cool Running it would be something else – at least now you have the lifestyle you love. Having said that you can stop if you want I feel the same way with some of the professional things I do like web pages that no one has the  skills nor inclination to do anything about.  cheers  Plu

Me – plu – quick response – ta. I made it clear to the missus that WHEN I am not RD of 6ft or chief janitor @ CR then it would be replaced with other stuff. I am still doing the running shoe recycling, and would love to spend more time on the australian running guide and …. yes there will be other monkeys for sure.

Loubee – I think you do a great job. :)

Tynomite – Not collapsing in a heap, either on CR or the run. Five stars!

MissZ – Hi Kevin, As a silent observer of the recent fracus, I just wanted to say that I really, really appreciate the work you and the other moderators do on CR. Its not easy and you are only human, you can’t be perfect. No one should expect that.  I love CR and it brings a lot of pleasure to my life. Thank you very much for that.

StellaBella – Kev, Miss Z pretty much summed up what I wanted to say. Things have gotten ridiculous and ppl are being unreasonable and I think you moderators are doing a great job under the circumstances so thank you :)

AMK – I agree with the girls you guys do an amazing job keeping this site going. This site helps so many ppl it would be a disaster to lose it because of a few.

Ellie80 – Seconded! (seventhed?) Many times I have started typings posts and deleted because I am not truly sure what my problem with those few threads is. I think it is mostly my discomfort with the level of aggression. You don’t deserve to be copping both sides of it so I hope it dies down soon. And I think you would be well within your rights to shut those threads down permanently. And then wait for the cries of censorship? :)

WhippetGal – All I want to say is thank you for CR. You (and the other moderators) do a good job. I really appreciate this site and depend on it, not only for information, race calendars etc., but for motivation and encouragement. Don’t get disillusioned by the sh*t fights – your job is damn hard.

Didge – I agree. I’m a relatively new runner and most of the advice I have received is from CR. I don’t know if i would have improved as much as i have already without CR. Keep up the great work Kev & Co. Don’t let the minority spoil it for the majority.

Serena – This is a great site, Kev. You and the other moderators do a sterling job. I know being a moderator is an often thankless, unpleasant job. SJ

Colsy – You guys do a great job here, without CR I would have accomplished half of what I have so far…if that! It can sometimes be draining enough just reading negative posts or getting caught up in controversies, let alone the job that you and the Mods do. Well done.


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