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3-Jun-2008 Weekend Of Sporting Excess

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Before it slips by – just an update on what I got up to over the weekend – this would be pretty normal for me these weekends.

Fri night – home from work and spent evening with the family chatting or watching a movie – almost nil looking at a computer.
Sat am – up early to run with the bushies. very rare for me as I normally get up approx 9am and then go running for 2-3hrs. this morning up at 6am as they were running from bundeena trig and figured there was no excuse. ran with the wannabes and got dropped halfway so took a short cut back to the start. out for approx 2hrs – maybe 15km. no matter how good i think I’m getting – I am just dreaming. got my ass kicked on the hills and road. Bushies advice is useless:

The Goodies: Are extremists and are pretty quick. Unless you are a running junkie then I wouldn’t recommend running with them
The Wannabes: As the name suggests, this group are wannabe “Goodies”. They run relatively quick and I would recommend running 3 times a week if you want to keep up with them. Also be prepared for some interesting conversations…and be prepared to be left behind if you aren’t quick enough!! (I speak from experience)
The Has Beens: Also, as the name suggests, these guys run at a relatively good pace, but are in it to have fun and you don’t have to train too much to keep up. They stop a little more than the Wannabes and usually don’t leave people behind! If you are starting out running then this is the group I recommend you run with! They are very nice and are always looking out for new people, so just let one of them know you are new

Went swimming in the sea when I got home.

Sat pm – we all cycled to maianbar via the basin & bush, parked the bikes and walked thru the bush to the rope swing. cool as. cooked rice & chick peas with tofu for dinner.

Sun am – pissing down with rain but I really enjoy that, reminds me of the uk. ran with dawn to maianbar. found a good little track Red Jacks. Saw some deer. almost decided to wade / swim back but had visions for getting delayed so ran back up some killer hills. Dawn kicked ass here. only caught up with her when she fell over – it’s always her. Maybe 15km again. Back home I went swimming – water warmer – really beautiful. zonked out with coffee, vegemite toast and newspaper.

Sun pm – took 12yr and 10yr to the trig and cycled to Marley, parked bikes and walked in. kids loved the sand dunes – we climbed the highest one ! I felt like a 10yr old again. Was raining and cycling back it got dark. Little’un did good with no brakes and no gears – it was hard yakka. got home in dark. my legs shot in evening, hence no running today (Monday). I think the kids learnt a valuable lesson – just the 3 of us with 3 bikes. car was parked miles away. raining. dark, but no complaining, they knew what they had to do and just did it. 12yr old biked then walked till we caught her then she took of again. I cycled next to the little’un and helped push her bike (no gears) up the big hills. very proud of them both. they will be tough kids in a few years when they run 6ft. ha ha.

Got the Billy’s Bushies email today :

Crack changed the run and headed from Marley beach out to the Bundeena Road and then back through Deer Pools before finishing up the Trig Hill (20.3km on Chappo’s GPS). Billy screamed, ranted and raved at Crack for going onto the Bundeena Road (the locals use it as their own private racing circuit and complain whenever anyone else uses it). Billy was still carrying on about it the next day, unaware that it was at Hicky’s suggestion that Crack took that route. Crack has been sacked (again). Pinky is ranger next week and Kevin Tiller the following week. Kevin finally made it to another Bushie run, and true to form, lost sight of the pack and finished up back at the cars wondering where everyone else was.

Billy said I would be the ranger (set the course). Man I am pissed off, but will try to find a suitable route. Bastards. The Wannabe’s will be pissed also as I am the slowest by a long shot.

Just flicked thru CR a bit, didn’t do much at all. Still well behind on 6ft stuff, my to-do lists are getting very long now.

This was posted on my old blog and I had some comments:

sook54: Wow you must be so healthy! I’m impressed with the kids’ behaviour I must say. Would be interested in the tofu and chickpea recipe, tell me about it sometime!

tim: don’t eat tofu it will kill you :p

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