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31-May-2008 Coolrunning Nerve Centre – Actually Nah

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I was thinking of posting about the coolrunning nerve centre, and even took some photos, but the reality is we moved house last year, and my office had moved from a bedroom to another room to another room etc and most of the work was done during lunchtimes and coffee breaks at my day job so there isn’t really A nerve centre.

the desk – we downsized and therefore “the office” also got downsized to “a desk”


another view (mainly of the kitchen!)


I also do a lot of work now on the kids pc’s given that most of my stuff is now in the cloud.


I often take my laptop to work and work on the train (40mins each way) with a next-g card or even sneak of to a small cafe etc to work there. if truth be told, I still do some coolrunning stuff at work, but not much other than posting to the forums, as the wingnuts have locked out a bunch of stuff. however I often sink $10 every month or so into everywhere internet down between central and town hall somewhere, and my trusty standby, kinkos near australia square. I lash out $10 on a ticket and that lasts me a couple of weeks of lunchtime work.

I plan to run with billies bushies tomorrow as they are running from bundeena trig.

Last weekend I did this awesome bike/run/ swim. Biked thru my village, out on some trails to marley beach, dumped my bike in the bush and started running (felt like the old days, legs all heavy), ran like a star to wattamolla – actually went past as I wanted to check a rope going over the cliffs (someone has moved it bugger), then ran back to marley, cycled like crazy back home then swam in the sea in my shorts/topless. (not bad for winter – everyone here thinks am a total fruitcake). I was out for approx 2hrs 40mins, and was well stuffed.

obscure link for today – was listening to bauhaus for the first time for a while – bela lugosi’s dead in fact. I never realised they got released on small wonder. Small wonder was a relatively obscure punk record store in walthamstow that had a huge impact on the london punk scene.

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