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19-May-2008 Bad Start To The Weekend

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I feel like my weekend started on Thursday night as I was writing my previous blog entry (watching Bob Dylan Biograph dvd). I started to get a headache. ok it was like 2am by the time I went to bed, so its probably my own fault. I was not at all surprised to find it still there on Fri morning and KNEW that as the day wore on it would get worse. I think its like when I hit a certain level of tiredness/stress it kicks in for approx 24-36hrs or so. Sure enough it got worse during the day. I had to leave sharpish as the missus was working and I had to sort out the kids (ages 12,10,6). Did their dinners then had a hot bath. started to feel a bit better but then started noodling on my laptop. I had sold a couple of running books on CR and I have a real truckload of books and just thought bugger it I should sell the lot, have read most a couple of times, and doubt if I will re-read them again. Anyway I went to bed at 2am again so not surprisingly I woke up with the headache back on Saturday (probably a good job I was not running TNF100 as per plan).

The missus came home from work at 9am just as I was going to go running, and simultaneously the kids started acting up so I took them out mountain biking – there are some cool jumps at Loftus and dedicated mountain-bike trails – reminded me of when I was a kid. We rode till the kids were too buggered and then stopped off at Audley for a drink and a lounge on the grass on the way home. I embarrassed them by picking up litter. Later in the pm I went out running 5mins after Dawn had left but guessed at where she was running and took a short cut and met up with her. separated again just as the ran started. finished by the beach in the dark but went swimming anyway. hey the water was’t so bad. went to bed earlier on sat night (after finishing the Jam dvd). Got up approx 9am – the downside to going to bed late (and probably a contributor to me not making striders/bushies or races).

Sun am beautiful & sunny. Went for an 8km run with 3.5kg dumbells and stopped off at 3 beatutiful spots to do 60 air punches, 20 pressups and 10 burpees (at each spot). I figured I need to do more than just running to keep fit. I find it very hard doing burpees. Nothing like the video! Finished up at the beach – water was very clear, very beautiful and to be honest, felt warmer than expected….Today was the SMH half so made sure I posted the various news articles to CR. I have run it heaps of times but not the last few years. Its a good run and worth doing, but I am falling off the twig where races are concerned. Shame really as it would have been good to catch up with other CRs.

Other stuff: am reading this blog on choices and tradeoffs people make as they juggle work and family. I read all my blogs as emails via this nifty little tool. Downloaded some podcasts to listen to next week: hugh and the rabbi, vegan freaks, interview with gary cantrell, somewhat a legend of the usa ultra scene.

I wrote this on my old blog and received some comments:

20thCenturyBoy: Hope your head’s better! Those burpees look evil. I must try them 🙂

littleblackpug: Your absence at TNF100 was noticed Kev….maybe next year!? Perhaps we need some Plant Powered Ultra Runner t-shirts! :Cowboy:

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