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16-May-2008 More Running

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I should have said that more than a few times on my longer runs with the missus, I was left for dead. I am good on the technical trail but she likes easy firetrail, and I hit a hill like a sack of potatoes and get left well behind. It is at these times that – to be honest – I am at my happiest – it feels like my whole life (literally 25 years now) I have been running long and feeling like crap with an hour or more to run, flopping along the trail, wiping the sweat from my brow, trying not to trip on sticks and roots. We usually don’t take a drink, I don’t wear a watch, or even take my ipod, nothing. Its what I love – not the races, not the times, not the clubs, not anything but the running. I really get a buzz from it.

I just scanned and uploaded the results from the black stump run and the megalong mega. Its funny but I really like the roughness of it, the handwritten scrawls, the crossings out, that you can’t even read half of it. Even though I help organise CoolRunning, a website, and am a total computer nerd, I love lo-tech stuff. Colin has really pushed me to think deep and hard about myself – why don’t I like waterbags ? I guess I just don’t see the point – a solution looking for a problem. It comes at the same time as I have been thinking about “whither fatass“. What do I want to want to do ? really want. I think I said it in the paragraph above : “feeling like crap with an hour or more to run, flopping along the trail, wiping the sweat from my brow, trying not to trip on sticks and roots”. I want to do that every day, every week and to hell with the world.

Moondust has offered to be CR treasurer – my undying gratitude – many thanks.

Currently listening to Manic Street Preachers / Forever Delayed.

This post was on my old blog and I had a comment:

tim: Kevin i have been sitting here quietly reading your blog and I am really enjoying your thoughts.  i guess cause you seem to be in the same place I find myself at the moment.  i mean i love the computer and all the stuff nerdy but then there is that beauty of low tech.  Of the pure the simple the absolute minimal.  of scribbling your training, appointments and thoughts in a cheap diary with whatever pen or pencil laying around.  Running with out a watch and simply guessing the distance you ran. Follow it Kevin and see where it takes you.  and keep writing about it.


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