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14-May-2008 CoolRunning Stuff

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Last week, I can’t remember what day it was, there were loads of changes to the wiki part of the site all day. I got home and went to edit the homepage – BIG database ERROR. Oh shite. this was approx 8.45pm, sent an email to Mick the uber-guru, then a txt message. then looked at the other wikis, fatass and ultraoz, fatass was worse – it got an error on viewing the page! looked at the change history for the CR wiki – last change approx 13:30 – suspect the error was there all afternoon and no one told me. Mick came back and said he couldn’t see an issue and united were looking at it (they are our hosting company). Then my mum came on the phone, tried to get her off quick! Mick txted back and said it might be due to some database upgrade (bastards – I knew they were planning a change and it is hard to coordinate). Anyway they fixed it approx 9.30pm – lucky it was so quick.

The rest of CR is running well – we abandoned the ticket system and moved to plain old gmail as its quick, easy, flexible and doesn’t need any fancy software to be looked after. Am also migrating (slowly) the entire tiller archive of coolrunning emails from the very beginning back from 1997 (I am doing the same for the six foot gmail account also). All up I had more than 30,000 emails – cr, 6ft, kevintiller and loco. All being split into 4 gmail accounts. I will write separately about why/ what etc “later”.

Sook54 is a very diligent helper, ditto colin townsend – in fact so diligent that I am dragging the chain with the “only kevin can answer these” tags. Slowly, though, others can pick up the reins.

More people are starting to edit the homepage and results pages (shout outs here to Mr D, weary, thomo, ANSW etc). Cool bring it on.

We have a new photo gallery (here) – read the link to see why we moved. Just need t migrate the old to the new. THAT will kill someone for sure (me likely).

After a few static years we are getting some more gear items – shorts, tattoos and probably stickers. The shorts are well overdue. Amjan is going great (no complaints anywhere) – I was a bit nervous she’d quit after having a baby. phew, am in the clear for a minute.

Financially we seem to be ok, although wobbly the treasurer has given notice, ditto Jen the secretary – MUST make sure we get the rules in place first. If you know anyone handy with a spreadsheet that’s about all we need for a treasurer, all the accounts etc are in paypal, registernow or the bank so all electronic – just need pulling together.

Overall we are moving forward and lessening the risk of me being a bottleneck.

I think even our usage stats are looking good (especially given the photos are off-site on smugmug). Even some advertisers are complaining we are getting more hits so their money is running out quicker.

ps I do like to post a little of what I’ve been reading – I have been following this guy’s blog this year. You might think he’s a total nutter, especially if you follow his story, but I REALLY like him, his youth and enthusiasm. I used to be like that myself :

From this point on I endeavour to never touch money again. A strong claim I know and one that seems unrealistic at best. And one I am sure I’ll be lambasted for if I fail. And probably even get criticised for if I succeed. But why strive for anything other than your ideals in life, why aim for something less than that you believe in. I have compromised too much in my life so far…The next time you hear from me I will be on my way to India without a penny in my pocket. I believe I will make it but there are obstacles. No visas. No money. Very little sense. But the reason I believe I will make it is because I know humanity is essentially kind and generous. And over the next two years I hope to relay to you all the stories of such kindness.


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