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13-May-2008 Back Again

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Back blogging again. i doubt anyone missed it, and anyway its more for me than anyone else. lots of changes since i last posted back last july. actually that weekend away at avoca was the genesis of us deciding we were in a rut and needed a move. cut lots of anguish – we sold our house and moved in october to sydney’s best kept secret, down in a hidy hole in sutherland-shire. it’s hard work as we have no family in the country so we had to do it all from scratch by ourselves, move kids’ schools etc, bought a 2nd car. i took 3 weeks off over xmas where we went swimming (4 beaches within walking distance – closest one only 50m from my front door), went kayaking (we have 4 now), cycling (we have 10 bikes in our garage – TEN!!) and the running, oh boy, its great. still haven’t been on half the tracks and we do quite a lot of running. most weekends i run with the missus nearly 2hrs saturday AND 2hrs sunday, finishing with a swim at OUR beach both times. been running with billy’s bushies, THE most underrated running club around – most highly recommended.

maybe that’s why i feel like a burnt out case as far as races go – i just can’t be arsed. i am happy at home exploring new trails by myself or with my wife. maybe that’s why i don’t feel like running many/any races and don’t even feel motivated to organise many/any. of course whilst i am running a fair amount, racing wise i am probably slow and i don’t want to sped good money (that i don’t have) to run slowly.

maybe its like a sabbatical and i will feel better next year ?

ps I am watching this (59m 13s) – not really vegan but WELL WORTH the watch – The whole philosophy boils down to seven words: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

This was on my old blog and I received some comments:

Twopennys: Sounds like a great spot Kevin – hear what you say about TNF and enthusiasm – something will eventually capture your imagination.

PlodBod: Welcome back Kevin!  Your new lifestyle sounds absolutely idyllic. Well done on making difficult decisions to change…  The sigh of relief in your post is almost palpable. :LOL:

tim: it all sounds pretty cool to me.

Sook54: Trail running is something I’ve only had a taste of so far (in NZ in Jan) and really enjoyed – am looking forward to getting into it sometime and your area sounds like a great place to do so. Good food blog – I’ve just had an enormous selection of ‘delicacies’ at banquets in China and am really looking forward to some plain old oats tomorrow!

superflake: Sounds like the move has been fantastic for your health Kev. Ten bikes! What are you doing? Ebay, Ebay….

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