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4-Jul-2007 Holiday ! Running !

Wednesday 4 July 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Note- this was posted to my old blog and I am just moving it to over here onto WordPress.

Well, its school holidays and part of trying to be an “equal opportunity” parent I have taken some time off work to be wiv the kids. We went to the central coast for a few days and just spent sometime relaxing. Get up late (7am ish) went running for an hour 15mins each day, breakfast, hang around the beach reading books. Kids got a lot of fresh air and scootering. Went to a few skateboard parks (Umina has a good one) and even indoor climbing at Kincumber. I am a total wuss as I can’t stand heights but Dawn was sooooo good. one of the kids takes after her the others after me.

The good thing is we went running together and although she is heaps better than me, we had some good runs. Did a ton of reading and went to bed early every night (10pm). Squeezed my efforts on CoolRunning into 30-45mins daily. a real break.

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