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29-May-2007 Weekend

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I thought I was being a clever dick by writing my blog on my phone whilst on the train home from work, like a stream of conscious thing – a real “what was going thru my mind at that moment in time” thing. But of course I don’t use the train at the weekend, hence the break.

Fri night I went to the striders awards night. It was good, my sort of people I guess. It went too quick & barely got to speak with anyone.. It seemed, although I was one of the last to leave. On a table with ellie, jen, highwayman, hamburglar, belinda & horrie. Top blokes one & all.The icing on the cake was having keryn mccann speak. I like her – actually reminds me of the missus if you get my drift. Anyone I like “real” stars and she is great – much respect coming from this corner. Could have gone on another couple of hours …

Saturday morning was usual Loco and CoolRunning packing/ posting and post office stuff (I have lined up amjan to take over the gear role, must follow up as its been a while). In the pm we gave the west met xc a miss as the squiddlies wanted to go for a bike ride – ko has been whining for a few weeks now. She isn’t controlled enough for the pavements at home, and the roads are quite hilly. I took my bike as well and we did about 7km+ along the Parramatta river cycle path. It was great and the squiddlies were great to. Ko finds it hard to start & stop but was great the rest of the time.

I have added the cycle paths to the Australian Running Guide now – dunno why more people don’t add good routes there, it’ surprisingly easy now.

On Saturday night me & mick were playing tag-team to make some overdue changes to the CoolRunning adsystem – bug fixing mainly – ads haven’t been stooping on zero balance and spinning off to a big negative number. Also merged HOMEPAGE and OTHERPAGES zones into one image ad zone – it’s simpler. Most people want ads on he homepage, leaving other pages under-used, this way it evens it up.

On Sunday I had every intent to run the Sydney Striders star, not because it was the old geezers special, but because Poor Man’s Comrades is only like 2 or 3 weeks away. I did a very solid 12km hilly road run and was tired & beatup sunday night & monday. Anyway my brother was in Sydney for the weekend, and could only meet me 9am-noon sunday. I haven’t seen him for nearly 9 years so met him in town and went to Bondi for brekkie and soccer on the beach with the kids. It was a great day, so wasn’t sorry to miss the striders, can see them next week.


This was originally posted on my CoolRunning Blog and I had one comment:

Amjan- Well, that is pretty cool. I hardly ever read blogs, but when I read yours I saw my name! I did wonder what was happening with the gear. Feel free to send it over when you can – sounds like you have enough admin stuff to do.
And yep, Kerryn McCann was great.

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