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22-May-2007 Catchup

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First things first, I have been doing more running but the last week or so have been cactus – going to bed early a lot. Getting worried about Poor Man’s Comrades in a few weeks as haven’t run more than 20km in one go for … Umm .. A while.

If truth be told I got inspired on my latest regime by colin, who posted that he makes running a priority. This is what I USED to do, and made me realise that my standards have slipped. Dawn is  good example of this as she puts running ahead of everything (though sometimes even I think she takes it to the extreme).

Coolrunning Photo gallery has been Upgraded but still haven’t got the redirect working from old to the new, must do something about that. It’s heaps better – and works – but haven’t spent much time on it.

Things that make me annoyed-1: many railway stations have installed lifts, I am guessing for wheelchairs, strollers, the old & infirm NOT for fat shits who can’t be arsed to walk up the stairs. I see so many able-bodied walk 20m past the stairs just to take the lift.

Note this was posted on my old blog on CoolRunning and I had one comment:

Colin: Glad to hear that something said or done somewhere could have an effect.
I was telling my wife the other day whilst discussing exercise/weight etc etc that I am a crap evangelist. I have never in all the years actually told anyone to take up running specifically or to run a marathon, but that it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something if someone else takes it up because of the effects they see it has on me.
So maybe my goals are vain and selfish, i.e. look good, feel good, healthy and do stuff that 30 yr olds think they are too old for and if people ask me what I do I tell them run mostly. Mind you as we (friends , family) get older , nearly 50 myself, I get asked more often now because its more noticeable and others who don’t exercise as much can see the difference, and have more health issues.
Go well, hope you are ready for PMC, will prob be there on bike.

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