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4-Apr-2007 Getting Behind….

Wednesday 4 April 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Got home from work last night (Mon) at 9:30pm, watched biggest loser, had dinner & went to bed, totally knackerred. Up & out before 7:30 this morning – being chased for all manner of things notably the six foot results for aura mag and the dean karnazes ad. I have to update the 6ft website with v3 of the results first though. We plan to do the complete results booklet for 6ft as a pull-out from the middle of the AURA mag – pretty good. The DK ad they want a 3x the normal size ad, and so it means I have to re-jig the ad-space. I was going to make some changes anyway to combine the “homepage” ads and the “other pages” ads so there is just one type of image-ad… oohhh do I make both sets of changes now or just do what’s a must for right now?

There has been some discussion on CoolRunning about some guy called Tim’s free running groups. The other day he was posting the same new thread in as many sections as he could – spam in my books – so I deleted them all as fast as poss, just leaving one – there were 9 or 10 all up. I emailed him to stop and he asked about an ad, which he paid for pretty quick. It’s funny that it always new people to CR that do that – must be because they don’t know us. I don’t mind people pushing their own barrow a bit, but one spam only (zero if its completely offtopic for CR). It worked out good for him that a few people spoke in favour of him. Hope he sticks around and contributes in a general way… it ended up better than the girl with ms, I got hammered about that (people burning their cr caps if I remember!) and she still got to post her article. She hung around too, which I was pleased about.

Of course whilst I was at the airport last week I bought a few books. Wired (ok it’s a magazine) mainly for the article on blogging and transparency. An oral history of punk – I am a sucker for anything so erudite as to quote mick jones on the front cover, and that even mentions crass. I also got a book on survival – imagine being on Everest in a blizzard, who lives and who dies? Interesting – haven’t read it yet though. I also bought the new ‘covers of cold chisel’ cd – the total standout is Paul Kelly’s version of Khe Sanh. Possibly even better than the original.

running ? nah no time.

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