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17-Jun-2006 Beginings

Thursday 15 June 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

To be honest I have always resisted the idea of writing a blog as I don’t have enough time to scratch myself, let alone have the discipline to keep a blog going. Anyway, having installed the new software, i am itching to see how it all works.

This week was a big week – starting last Friday when CoolRunning’s ISP pulled the pin on us for being so slow to move from our old software which was grinding our server to a halt (it is shared with other users). Moving to a dedicated server is a big jump in price – approx 350% so we jumped into a planned upgrade – I struggle with procrastination and have been planning the move for a year, but too scared to make the leap.

Anyway I lined up Mick Corlis, who should take all the credit, as he did all the hard yakka for us. Mick maintains the Australian Mountain Runners website and recently wrote all our calendar software (a very talented guy).

Most people like the changes except for a few who have complained about the slow speed. mmm it was slow anyway, and I am not convinced it is worse. We will look to improve it though.

Running wise – I have a groin injury which means I am a non-starter at tomorrow Poor Man’s Comrades which is a pain. Workwise I have been flat out and unfortunately away from a PC for much of the time so am definitely not on top of emails nor thread-reading.

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